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How to Keep Yourself Calm During a Dental Emergency

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Mark Bieber
How to Keep Yourself Calm During a Dental EmergencyFor some people just going to the dentist can cause anxiety or panic. Once they arrive at our office, we have several methods to calm our patients. We are good at this because many people have a fear of the dentist, and we are here to help them all.

But if you have a dental emergency it is an entirely different story. You are the one who has to keep yourself calm until you can get to our office. Part of the problem with staying calm in a dental emergency is that you don't know what to do until you get to our office. Many times, knowing what to do can do wonders for helping you stay calm.

What Kind of Emergencies Can I Have?

There are many emergencies that can involve your teeth. If you have crowns, one can fall out and there you are with a crown in your hand. You can chip or break a tooth. A tooth can get knocked out in an accident. You can also develop an abscess, a dental infection, that can be painful. All of these incidents can cause you pain and can cause you to panic. Above all, try to stay calm. Start with deep breaths. Next, it helps to know what to do in an emergency because it can help you feel in control.

So, What Do I Do?
If you discover that you have an abscess, it helps to get warm water, add a little salt and rinse your mouth with it. This helps ease the pain and draw the infection out. You also need to call us to help treat the infection right away. If you have a crown that fell off, use toothpaste or a dental adhesive and slip it back over the tooth until you can be seen in our office. If you have a tooth that falls out, hold the tooth by the crown, not the roots, place it in milk, and bring it with you to our office.

Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respected as a patient; everything is explained in detail.
-Shelley D.
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