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Snacks You Should Avoid for a Healthy Smile

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Mark Bieber
Snacks You Should Avoid for a Healthy SmileEverybody wants a healthy smile. Many people can think of someone right away with a beautiful smile. Their teeth are white and aligned beautifully. Their gums are well taken care of. Their words come easily as they mingle and converse confidently. A beautiful smile creates a lasting first impression. We know that our oral hygiene routine plays a big part in taking care of our smile. Did you know that the snacks you eat can also contribute to the health of your smile?

Snacks to Avoid

Some snacks should be avoided as they encourage plaque and tooth decay. Plaque is filled with bacteria. You can feel it with your tongue. It is the sticky film that covers your teeth after you eat. The bacteria release acids, which attack the tooth's enamel. As the enamel weakens and breaks, cavities can develop. Cavities are holes in your teeth.

It is important to take care of your teeth and choosing what you eat is critical. Everyone knows that candy is bad for your teeth because it has so much sugar. Did you know that sour candy contains more acid and is even worse for you than regular candy? Don't eat sour, chewy, or hard candy if you want a healthy smile.

Another snack to avoid is potato chips. They have a high starch content, which becomes sugar in your mouth. Bacteria love to eat it, and you should avoid it. Bread is another snack that contains lots of starch. Carbonated beverages also encourage plaque and produce acid. Lastly, avoid alcohol as it tends to dry out your mouth. You need saliva to wash away food particles and plaque.

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